Dirt Hauling

Monesi Trucking provides dump truck dirt hauling services to Columbus and Central Ohio construction sites. Do you need to haul dirt, rock or other debris? We have a fleet of 60 dump trucks, along with broker relationships, so we have the trucks you need, when you need them!

With a fleet of 60 trucks, when you need dirt hauled off your jobsite, we have dump trucks for hire! Our drivers have the experience and know-how to operate the trucks efficiently. We haul a wide variety of aggregates for the commercial construction industry and have a great reputation in the field.

When you need to clear away land, contact Monesi Trucking. We work with contractors across Central Ohio who are planning a major construction or renovation project that require land moving services.

With dump truck sizes ranging from single axle to seven axles, we can handle all your excavation and earthwork projects. For all your dirt hauling needs, call Monesi Trucking today.

We also haul RipRap

If you need dump trucks to deliver RipRap to your construction site in Central Ohio, contact Monesi Trucking.


RipRap “A”

18-30 inches


RipRap “B”

12-24 inches


RipRap “C”

6-18 inches


RipRap “D”

3-12 inches

Monesi Trucking works with contractors in Ohio by hauling material to, from and around construction sites. Whether you need one dump truck or many, contact us today. 

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