Limestone Hauling

When you need dump trucks to haul limestone in Central Ohio, call Monesi Trucking. With a fleet of over 60 dump trucks, we have trucks for hire when you need them.

Limestone is essential to contractors when building roadways, embankments, parking lots, and other land development projects. Whether it’s used with concrete aggregate or asphalt pavement, limestone is an important and durable material commonly used in the construction industry.

We provide dependable trucking services, including limestone delivery, to local job sites. Monesi Trucking prides itself on having more trucks available than any other dump trucking company. This means you can get all the trucks you need from one supplier.

Our dump trucks haul and deliver limestone such as:

#2 Limestone


#4 Limestone


#8 Limestone


#57 Limestone


#304 Limestone


#411 Limestone


B19 Limestone

Fill Sand

Manufactured Limestone Sand

Manufactured Limestone Sand

We also haul RipRap

If you need dump trucks to deliver RipRap to your construction site in Central Ohio, contact Monesi Trucking.


RipRap “A”

18-30 inches


RipRap “B”

12-24 inches


RipRap “C”

6-18 inches


RipRap “D”

3-12 inches

Monesi Trucking works with contractors in Ohio by hauling material to, from and around construction sites. Whether you need one dump truck or many, contact us today. 

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